A lot is going on right now. I am still making amends with my topic.

I am happy with my choice of the thesis advisor. I am happy that it had a happy ending, even though it wasn’t easy.

My user journey is still not completely clear. I have to work on that. There are a lot of things that I am afraid can go wrong with my idea. Especially the hypothesis that people would see value in paying for this service.

So, I decided to test the difference between a person paying for the service and a non-supporter navigating through an artist page in the platform.

This post will be short and not detail because I am drained now.

In the first week, I had discussed with my accountability buddy Claudia about my goals for the following week. I had decided on three main goals, but I knew it was almost impossible to achieve them all.

My first and main goal was obvious: find a thesis advisor. This was a rollercoaster, but after some weeks of being ghosted by every potential thesis advisor, I had some amazing meetings last week. I now have a thesis advisor and met some people in the music industry who offered to help me unofficially.

My second goal was to talk to at least…

As I mentioned in the previous post, I did my self-assessment exercise to see where I was standing with my thesis. That helped me to understand my feelings towards my project and also check its strengths and weaknesses.

Through the self-assessment exercise, I realized that I needed to shift my project focus a bit. I started feeling my project frivolous and decided to help small bands rather than help music lovers. This made me feel a bit more excited about what I am doing.

As I said at the beginning of this post, this exercise also helped me be more…

This is it. Season Finale. I’ll be honest. I am not having good feelings about it. It seems one of those TV shows that are great, but the end destroys it (and for those who think I am talking about Game of Thrones, I am sorry, but it didn’t watch it).

A lot is going on in my head right now. It still feels like 2020 somehow. Besides all the world turmoil, we — international students — have to find a job to continue living here. …

For this week’s assignment, we were asked to create a one-pager to show our idea for potential users to test if they understand it and get feedback.

Here you can see what was shared with the interviewees:

The interviewees received the idea with enthusiasm, and only some questions regarding the business were asked. These are the main points that were not clear or that need more thought:
- What defines a band as a candidate for the platform?
-Can one opt for not receiving the box (pay only for access to the platform)?
- If the idea is to have more information about the bands, shouldn’t it be free?

Next week is our final presentation for this semester. I am excited and curious to see how it will go.

The one when you have to choose

After revisiting many things and making definitions last week, I had to choose one of the ideas for a solution and keep improving it.

I sat down with my spouse and started thinking about how this product could work. It was good to discuss the idea for a few hours, and it helped me define which idea to invest in.

The idea that made more sense was to have a platform with information (and music, of course) about independent artists, with curated content.

This is how it works:
1. Go to our landing page and choose your subscription.
2. Select your favorite…

After the midterm presentation, it was clear to me that I was working with divergent solutions. They were not only different from each other. They had different user targets, competitors, and purposes.

Because of that, I decided it was time to make things clearer. It started with a new and less broad problem statement: “How might we help music lovers find relevant information about artists and the art they make, so they can keep building meaningful connections to music?”.

My user group was also revisited. Now it is more focused: Gen Zers and Millennials that have strong connections to music…

A quick overview of what has been done so far

The first thing to remember is: my thesis topic is around music. In the beginning, I was super interested to know more about people’s relationship with music and how it has been changing in recent years.

Music is super important to me, but I really think it is incredibly important for humans, in general. Music is found in every known society, past and present, and is considered to be universal culture. It is a universal language. All people of the world, including the most isolated tribal groups, have some form of music.

I truly believe that a better relationship with…

The one with the fly

Okay, this week I’ll be super short. It will be like the episode with the fly on Breaking Bad. Or the sitcom one in Mr. Robot. That episode that doesn’t contribute much to the linearity of the story, but says a lot about the characters’ feelings and emotions.

Today is presidential election day and that is what I’ve been thinking about this whole week (plus other private problems that are… …private). It is super hard to develop a thesis in the middle of such important events as a presidential election that can impact drastically your life and future and a…

The one I am lost.

One more week passed. And I am still not sure about what I am doing.
I watched a bunch of videos and I read a lot about music, its relation to mathematics, physics, geometry, health, emotions, and an infinitude of other topics. I still am far from feeling good about my topic, but it’s being nice to study more about music.

This week I’ve made 4 more interviews (totaling 7, so far). I could talk with 2 women, 1 GenZer, and 1 person that doesn’t work in the creative industry. …

Rafa Poloni

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