After the midterm presentation, it was clear to me that I was working with divergent solutions. They were not only different from each other. They had different user targets, competitors, and purposes.

Because of that, I decided it was time to make things clearer. It started with a new and less broad problem statement: “How might we help music lovers find relevant information about artists and the art they make, so they can keep building meaningful connections to music?”.

My user group was also revisited. Now it is more focused: Gen Zers and Millennials that have strong connections to music (music is a fundamental part of their lives); like to learn about the artists, albums, and songs; and want to listen and know artists and bands more aligned with their values.

I also created a new set of pain points and value propositions. The problems that the users are facing are:
1. It is hard to make new connections to music;
2. Decentralized information;
3. Not enough time;
4. Hard to know if artists are aligned with their values;
5. An overwhelming number of options.

The value proposition to attack these problems were defined as follow:
1. Offer context;
2. Centralized and easy to access information;
3. Visible direct and centralized information;
4. Tell more about artists and let them tell about them too;
5. Highlight a few options.

After these definitions, I created ideas for possible solutions and evaluated how they address the existing problems.

A service focused on musical information. Focusing on a rich musical experience, the idea is to have information about the artists, the albums, the songs, and everything involving an artist or group (lyrics, behind the scenes, a timeline of events, curiosities, etc).

A box delivered monthly to the subscribers with a dossier about an artist or album, with exclusive interviews and arts.

A podcast about bands, artists, albums, songs, and more. The focus of the podcast is to give more context to listeners about the artists, their albums and songs, and historical curiosities. Rick Beato’s Youtube section “What makes this song great” is a good reference for this one.

A musical matching app. Kind of like Tinder. You will be presented to artists and some information about them, their values, and other stuff. If you like what you see, it is a match and you can learn more about the artists and listen to their music.

That’s it for now. See you in the next episode of this saga!