Thesis — S01E08

The one when you have to choose

After revisiting many things and making definitions last week, I had to choose one of the ideas for a solution and keep improving it.

I sat down with my spouse and started thinking about how this product could work. It was good to discuss the idea for a few hours, and it helped me define which idea to invest in.

The idea that made more sense was to have a platform with information (and music, of course) about independent artists, with curated content.

This is how it works:
1. Go to our landing page and choose your subscription.
2. Select your favorite genres and what items you would like to receive in your box.
3. Navigate through the website and start discovering new artists.
4. Stream the songs and learn everything about the independent artists featured on the website.
5. Get your monthly box at your house and enjoy all the artist of the month’s exclusive items.

I still have many doubts about what I am working on, but it seems to start making sense. :)